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Unlimited Music for Video.

The best royalty free production music
The highest quality music for YouTubers, advertisers, wedding filmmakers, content creators, non-profits, and more...
The highest quality music for YouTubers, advertisers, wedding filmmakers, content creators, non-profits, and more...
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The Mission

Our mission is: “Keep Creatives Creating.” We do that by providing video content creators access to our growing collection of royalty free music for an unbeatable price. Your membership unlocks unlimited licenses for every song in our carefully curated music library.
"I can't even believe how awesome this is! I would recommend this to everyone!"

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Soundstripe is a stock music site made for video producers. We offer a great variety of high quality royalty free songs, and our unlimited licensing model is one-of-a-kind in the industry. We are designed to make it easy, profitable, and fun for you to add great music to your videos. Now it’s time to give us a try. Listen to all the music you want in our stock music library, and then check out our monthly and yearly subscriptions. For the quality of music we offer, you can’t find a better price.
I have been in the music business coming on 20 years now and the amount of musical and personal growth that has taken place over the last 2 years working with Soundstripe is unmatched... I feel I have finally found a true musical home for my work to reside.”

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Quality is Everything.

Too many video creators struggle to find high-quality music. We think that everyone should have access to incredible royalty free music at an affordable price so that they can make the best videos possible.

Soundstripe represents only the best musical talent. We hand select every song that goes into our catalog and meticulously curate each playlist with the most relevant songs.
Caleb Etheridge
Matt Wigton
Isaac Joel
Alter Ego
Latest Content
We're excited to unveil the first installment in our new series, "Artist Originals." Soundstripe musicians and creatives are second to none. They pride themselves in creating only the best music. Composer and cellist Chelsea McGough is no exception. Chelsea’s creative journey wonderfully parallels her music, which is full of emotion, breadth, sweeping movements, and risk.
Simple Licensing
Simple Licensing

Use the songs for any video use. A single royalty free license covers you no matter what your video is used for. No complicated agreements, or usage restrictions. Simple as that.

Create More
Create More

Access to unlimited royalty free music means you can create more of the content you love. Get inspired with music that elevates your video production value and sets the perfect tone.

Find the Perfect Song
Find the
Perfect Song

Finding the right music can be a black hole. Our library is designed to make it easy to find the right royalty free music for your video. We are continually improving our library to make it easier for you to discover that perfect song.

Frequently Asked Questions
What you get with your membership
Unlimited Licenses
Unlimited Licenses
Your membership covers you to use any music in our library for your video production. Even more, any license you receive while a member is valid in perpetuity even if your membership is lapsed or cancelled.
New Music Every Week
New Music Every Week
We know you’re creating more video content than ever before. Your membership get’s you a consistent flow of new music every week to keep you inspired for the next project.
Curated Playlists
Curated Playlists
To make it simple to find the best song for any project, we are consistently curating playlists that are tailored for every occasion. Weddings, Vlogs, Documentaries... we've got you covered.
Search and Filter
Search and Filter
Find the best song for your video production in minutes. Filter by genre, mood, instruments, duration and more… No more hours wasted searching for the right song.
Unlimited Sound Effects
30,000+ SFX
Our library is packed with the best sound effects for your productions. Foley, ambient, objects, nature... it's all there. One stop for all of your production needs.
Stem Audio Files
Stem Audio Files
Love the song but need to remove certain elements? Stem audio files give you more control over the feel of a song. Easily alter musical elements of a song to match to your production.
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