New Name. New Site. New Beginnings.

Let me tell you, we are freaking excited!

2 years ago we had a crazy dream to build a website where filmmakers could buy high quality production music from our artist and composer friends from Nashville. Great music was hard to find. Licensing terms were antiquated and prices were too high for most freelance filmmakers on a budget. There had to be something different! 

That dream turned into a vision two years ago when we formed Levelo Music Group. We called upon our good friend and professional drummer Aaron Tosti to oversee Artist Relations and find the very best music we could. That has and continues to be one of our primary focuses. Without great music, why even bother!?

We proceeded to learn the music licensing business inside and out, started pitching music for national TV shows and ads, starting a publishing company, and learning exactly what our customers wanted from us. Our biggest weekness for making our dream a reality is that we didn't have a technical person on the team to make our vision grow legs. 

That changed 6 months ago when we added CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Trevor Hinesley.

This release is much different than the releases before. Here are the big ones:

1. NEW NAME! Don't get us wrong. We loved our name Levelo. It has been close to Micah and I for 2 years now. But frankly we needed something everybody could say and spell! We settled on Soundstripe and love it so far. For those who are wondering, a Soundstripe is a magnetic stripe on an old piece of film that carried the sound and music for the film. Literally what we do! 

2. NEW SITE!  We have re built everything. From new search and filter, our new and very useful Playlists, to checkout, we designed this site to make it so simple to operate, a child could use it. 

3. NEW PRICES! We have heard from all of you. You wanted production music at a good price. We have completely overhauled our pricing model so that it doesn't break the bank. And honestly, we are so proud for this is revolutionary in the realm of stock music sites. 

A. Unlimited downloads for $10/month (on videos with under 50,000 anticipated views)

B. If you just wanted to purchase 1 song, Single Song purchases are now possible with very competitive rates.

4. NEW MUSIC! We are constantly on the lookout for great music. It's our level one priority. Apart from really cool indie Artists from all over the country, we are really honing in on quality music you can actually find useful for your videos! Playlists such as "Action and Sports", "Orchestral Rock Trailers" and "30 Second Jingles" are just some of the types of things we are adding to make Soundstripe a one stop shop for high quality diverse music.

From the Staff of Soundstripe, have fun browsing and let us know how we can help! 

 Soundstripe team at Annual Cabin retreat Jan 2016

Soundstripe team at Annual Cabin retreat Jan 2016