Can Creatives be Logical?

By: Travis Terrell

Believe me when I say, I am a natural creative.  

I grew up creative.  My mother first learned this when I was 3 and would come back after church and repeat the hymn melody from church on my toy piano at home.  After that, music became very prominent in my life.  It was easy for me.  I also grew up a dreamer.  Big hopes, big plans, big ideas, and lots of 'em.  I had vision for the future.  Big ideas were simple.  

I did not grow up logical.  I often failed at math.  My car was dirty to a fault.  I had trouble paying bills.  I would forget to pay taxes.  I would let paperwork bottle up because I didn't "feel" like doing it.  Spreadsheets stressed me out and business strategy and marketing plans were un important to me.  I was un focused, and never returned phone calls.   

In the old days, a person could be either creative or logical.  There were people to pick up your slack, positions to take care of the paperwork you didn't want to do, and creatives to come up with the big ideas.  A songwriter could just write songs.  An artist could just paint.  But that has all changed.  Today, the modern creative is his own business manager, accountant, marketing director, and CEO.  If you are a musician, it is up to you and you alone.  The buck stops with you.  

A couple years ago I decided to get my life together and take control of who I wanted to be.  I started working out regularly.  I started paying my bills.  I bought a house.  I helped start this company and have LEARNED to be somewhat logical.

How did I do it you may ask?  Great question.  I'm not entirely sure except I quit blaming everybody for my problems.  I became responsible for my fate and I powered through.  It is not easy for the great 'resistance' that artists have will come about like a freaking tornado.  You will fight it, complain about it, whimper over it, claw your way through it, and win eventually.     

I'm here to tell you, I'm living proof that you can LEARN to be logical.  I'm here to tell the Creatives that they don't have any excuse.  It is not as bad as you may think.  Answering a text is not impossible.  Scheduling your work week is doable.  The forces against you will make you think it is impossible but it's far from it.   

I'm not saying that you will be doing College Algebra or that you will be able to do your taxes with ease.  You will always lean heavily on the creative side and that is great!  Be yourself!  I will never be an accountant and I'm quite okay with it!   But we are capable of so much more than we think.  

To all the creatives out there, you can figure your business affairs out.  You can write a shopping list.  You can plan your social media for the week.  You can do it!  

Keep working on it!