Good news for Soundstripe & YouTube patrons!

Good news for Soundstripe & YouTube patrons!


Up until now, we at Soundstripe have been working with a super awesome copyright monitoring company that keeps a close watch over illegal use of copyrighted media on YouTube and simultaneously collects and pays a small portion of advertisement revenue on behalf of the music makers. What we didn’t realize, until very recently, was that the advertisement portion of this partnership was causing some serious frustration - and, in a few cases, embarrassment for our members. I must pause here to deeply apologize to any of you that have experienced any negative effects from this. We clearly underestimated how frustrating this was for our members.

After much deliberation and in the spirit of our companies main rule - User First - We are ending our partnership with the copyright monitoring company for the sake of kissing ads goodbye for all of our members on your YouTube uploads.

DISCLAIMER!!! This may not remove ALL ads from your YouTube videos. There are MANY advertisers that flock to YouTube in many different ways, but the use of copyrighted material from Soundstripe will no longer be one of the reasons an ad is placed on your video.

Micah Sannan

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Soundstripe