Member Spotlight: Brian Francisco

Jun 13, 2019

Bryan Francisco is making a career out of digital age tools to carve out his territory as a videographer, and he’s just getting started. Intertwining cinematic visuals with contemporary music, Bryan crafts a style that is fresh and lively. Working out of Toronto, he has posted well over a hundred videos to make his YouTube channel a must-see for any aspiring filmmaker.


How did you get started?

BF: “While I was working in sales, I began following a local hip-hop group that was making music videos. I reached out to them and made a connection with the videographer. He was very creative in the shots he was using and how he put it all together. I was intrigued by his way of telling a story through visuals. From there, I started filming weddings and it grew from there."


What are your influences?

BF: “Brandon Li is a nomadic filmmaker who I have modeled my style after. He’s a guy that seems to be on a different continent every month.I love how he tells a story with his visuals. I’ve patterned my “Run and Gun”style after his. The idea is to load up my backpack with everything I need so that I can capture the spontaneous things that I couldn’t plan out."


What has been your favorite location to shoot?

BF: “Hawaii is the most inspirational place for me because it's somewhere I've always wanted to go. The scenery tells a story by just pointing a camera at it. I love how it's so laid-back and casual compared to a major city. I just felt like I had to capture it."


How has social media affected your creative journey?

BF: "YouTube has had the biggest impact on my career.I've always seen it as a tool to put my work out. I'm creating content full-time now and it's been very financially viable. It's also allowed me the freedom to work on projects that I'm passionate about and to have creative control over what I do: It's a huge part of my life."


Where do you see your career going?

BF: "I'm really happy with how things are progressing. I would like to direct a feature film someday. It's not something I've looked into, but it would be a big move into a totally different environment. It would be a good challenge for me."

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