Music and Your Brain

By  Micah Sannan

Music and your brain have a funny relationship. We’ll put it this way… when it comes to music, your brain is a lump of clay and music is a potter. When you hear music, there is A TON happening in your body and brain…

Havin’ a bum day?? 
Music actually tickles the part of your brain that produces “happy juice” a.k.a Dopamine and simultaneously squishes down cortisol levels (anxiety and stress). When you hear music, brain activity fires up in the reward/motivation, emotion, and arousal areas of the brain. These are the parts of the brain that associate with the pleasure induced by food, sex, alcohol and cocaine… bringing a whole new empowerment to “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” 

Babies that are sung to while still in the womb experience increased oxygen flow, increased endorphins and actually speeds speech development!

 Awkward in crowds? 
We’ve all been at “that house party” where we’re the odd one out… Find you some speakers and turn it up. In a group study, researchers found multiple brains reacting in the same ways while the participants listened to an array of different music. This is my favorite because even though we all have our own musical tastes; on a molecular level, we absorb music quite similarly. Leads me to believe this why music is so good at connecting people. Putting them on the same wavelength. In the same mood. 

There is truly something magical about the power of music. The effect it has on human beings… Beyond all the amazing things that so many brilliant, inquisitive people have discovered about it, there’s still so much more that they can’t even scratch the surface of. Like why a piece of music, played in the right moment can bring a person to tears. Or how the right DJ can play the right tunes, in the right order, and make a room full of responsible adults dance like morons. 

 Even when it’s quiet, Music speaks loud.