fun. weird. honest. learning. passionate.

Founded and operated in the heart of music city, Nashville, TN. We are creatives, dedicated to making incredible music available to those who need it. Emotional impact is the name of the game and we are passionate about the marriage between music and picture.

Provide all customers with genuine and whimsical care
Confront harsh realities with optimism
Keep it light
Strive to always grow and learn
Develop and practice honest communication
Make it better
Date the model, marry the mission
Be humble and retain a giving and serving heart and mind
Quality over quantity
Done is better than perfect

Travis Terrell. Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Travis' Favorites: cooking, aviation, Netflix, Texas, and Costco.
Micah Sannan. Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Micah's Favorites: Woodworking. Burgers. Lake days. Whiskey. Campfires.
Trevor Hinesley. CTO and Co-Founder

Trevor's Favorites: Music, my dog, learning, Netflix/movies, anything introverted
Chris Small. VP Marketing

Chris' Favorites: Grills, Campfires, Family, and Growth Curves.
Danielle Summers. VP of Customer Care

Danielle's Favorites: Any body of water, my cat, coloring books, bubbles, Harry Potter.
Joey Rotella. Administrative Project Manager

Joey's Favorites: Hanging out with my wife and dog, whiskey, tattoos, NBA 2k17, shinfo
Mike Arnoult. Artist Relations Director

Mike's Favorites: Anything that's free, Jorts, Gold bond body powder, my dog's shock collar, flaming Dr. Peppers
Jeff Rimmer. Head of Soundstripe PRO

Jeff's Favorites: my wife's cooking and her face, my kids, anything that doesn't smell like sweaty armpits, arby's commercials, staying underwater for long periods of time
Kyle Reeves. Senior Developer

Kyle's Favorites: My hot wife, basketball, queso, asking Trevor questions, Michael Jordan
Tia Watkins. Customer Care Concierge