+ What happens to my licenses if I cancel my membership?

Short Answer: Nothing 

Long Answer: Each time you download a song for final use from the site, it is licensed in perpetuity. This means any song you license and use in projects you create while you’re a Soundstripe member, remain legally licensed forever and ever, amen. You are not able to create new projects using Soundstripe songs if you are no longer a member.

+ Once I download a track, can I use it multiple times on multiple projects?

Short Answer: No 

Long Answer: As a member, each time you hit the download button, you’re asked to provide the project title you intend on using the track for. The reason we ask for a project title is because each time you download a track from our site, you’re also generating a single use sync license for that track in connection with that one production. All licenses are issued in perpetuity which means you are able to use that song with that project forever and ever amen. You are unable, however, to use that song on another project without relicensing. 

If you need to reuse a track you are able to relicense it easily and at no extra charge to you for your account page. 

+ Can I cancel whenever? What about refunds?

Short Answer: Yes and No 

Long Answer: You can cancel whenever you’d like, but you are responsible for cancelling before your subscription renews. A refund will not be issued for failure to cancel. Annual cancellations are not entitled to a prorated refund. However, should there be a situation where all parties believe a refund is right, we will review this request in a timely manner. 

+ How often do you add new tunes?

Short Answer: Weekly 

Long Answer: We add music to our library every Friday. Typically 300 - 500 quality songs are added each month. 

+ Do you have a formal legal license to look at?

Short Answer: Yes 

Long Answer: You can view our Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, and License agreement HERE.

+ What are your license restrictions?

Short Answer: Nudity 

Long Answer: Our only restriction is with nudity and pornography - we like to ensure that our artists are comfortable with their art being used in such a way. We do not restrict broadcast formats in any way. 

+ What is Content ID?

Short Answer: A tool to help limit piracy 

Long Answer: Copyright owners can use a system called Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners. This is a really helpful tool for artists to limit piracy, unfortunately at this time, it is still a relatively new device that the industry doesn't have a perfect solution for - that includes us here at Soundstripe, but we do actively work to find a better solution to this issue.

+ Do Soundstripe songs have Content ID?

Short Answer: It is possible 

Long Answer: The majority of Soundstripe’s artists are not registered with Content ID. 

However, Soundstripe does not own the rights to the song, rather, we are a third party licenser on behalf of our artists, and our artists are within their rights to use a Content ID system to monetize videos that use their content in an attempt to limit piracy.

If an artist, their management, or their record label has registered a song with Content ID there will be a warning on our site to let you know before you license the song. 

+ Can I use a song that has a Content ID warning?

Short Answer: Yes 

Long Answer: If you use a song that has a Content ID warning and upload it to Youtube, you will get a Copyright notice.  This is nothing to be alarmed by - your video is not at risk of being removed and you will not be penalized. This claim is to let you know that your video has copyrighted material. If your video has over 10,000 views, Youtube may choose to monetize this video for the artist. You are able to submit the claim to us HERE. We cannot guarantee that the artist’s record label or management will agree to remove the claim. 

+ What if I got a Youtube claim, but the song didn’t have a Content ID warning?

Short Answer: Probably a mistake! Submit a claim with us HERE.

 Long Answer: Since the Content ID system is done by robots, sometimes they mistake one song for another. Submit a claim to us HERE and we will work to get this removed for you. Typically false claims are removed within 24 hours or less. 

+ Why doesn’t Soundstripe auto-play songs?

Short Answer: It does 

Long Answer: Safari and Chrome default to preventing autoplay now. You can change this by going to Settings ->Websites->Auto-Play. 

Change it from from “Stop Media with Sound” to “Allow all Auto-Play” for and it should work no problem!

+ Why does’t Soundstripe let me stay logged in?

Short Answer: It does 

Long Answer: If you are being forced to log in every time you visit our site, your browser maybe set to not store cache or cookies for our site. You can edit this in your browser setting and then you should be good to go whenever you come back!

+ Can I pay by PayPal or an E-Check? 

Short Answer: No 

Long Answer: Currently we only have the ability to accept 16 digit credit and debit cards. 

+ Do you have an affiliate program I can sign up for? 

Short Answer: Yes 

Long Answer: Yes we do! Click HERE to apply. It can take up to 48 hours before you will hear a response.

+ Do I need a Standard account or a Pro account?

Short Answer: It’s up to you!

Long Answer: Let’s answer this question with more questions:  

  -Do you (or your company) need to edit the Coverage, Standard Terms of Service or License Agreement to use Soundstripe?

- Do you (or your company) need custom music created just for you?

- Do you (or your company) need integrate Soundstripe’s catalogue into your website using our API integration? 

If you have answered, "No" to these questions, then it sounds like our Standard account would be best for you! If you answered, "Yes" to one or more of these questions, but still aren’t sure, send us an email to and we will help you find the perfect account for your needs!