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Partner Frequently Asked Questions


+ Will all the songs I upload to Soundstripe be in the online catalog?

The Short, No. Don’t freak out… Our catalog is curated for the sake of Soundstripe's offering remaining a truly useful tool for our members. We do our best to provide feedback to you on tracks we choose not to publish.

+ If I upload a track, is it Soundstripes forever?

Nope! Our permission slip to license your music on your behalf auto-renews every 12 months. If you want to end the agreement and pull your songs, you can do so with a simple “I want to end my contract” e-mail atleast 30 days before our agreement renews itself.

+ Can I take one of my songs out of the catalog during my term?

The short answer, Yes with good reason. We prefer not to take songs out at random for lots of reasons. That being said, we exist to help music makers make money. If you need to pull a certain song or several songs in order to take advantage of a great opportunity that comes your way that your Soundstripe agreement is jamming you up from, in good faith, we'll make it happen. We're hear to help. Not hinder.

+ Is my deal with Soundstripe Exclusive?

No with one exception Our agreement together is non-exclusive except with respect to direct, "click to license" competitors... i.e., other web-based music licensing catalogs like Pump Audio, Marmoset, The Music Bed, Song Freedom, Pond5, Shutter Stock, etc. This exclusivity ONLY applies to the tracks you choose to give us. Song A can be in our catalog and Song B can be on a competitors website. This keeps our catalog unique.

+ Can I still pitch/license my songs on my own or through an agency?

Absolutely! and we don’t touch any of that $$$. You got the deal, why should we get paid for it? You are free to license your music to whomever you’d like! It’s your music.

+ How does Soundstripe make money?

This is why we call our composers/producers/artists "partners". All revenue derived from is divided 50/50 between our partners and Soundstripe. The revenue is allocated to each partner based on user downloads.

+ Do I keep my publishing, copyrights and master ownership?

Yep! You retain all of your copyrights, including all of your publishing and BMI/ASCAP/SoundExchange revenues.

+ What is music licensing?

If you look in your wallet, most likely you have a “license to drive” that your state DMV “issued” you. Without that License, It’s illegal for you to drive. Music licensing is similar, kind of.

A composer in his studio writes and records a song. He can now ISSUE someone a LICENSE to USE that song in a film or commercial in exchange for an agree'd upon fee. This license gives that filmmaker the legal right to use that composers song in their project/production. Without that License, it’s illegal for the filmmaker to use that song. By becoming a Soundstripe partner, you’re giving Soundstripe permission to issue usage licenses for your music to other people/companies on your behalf.

+ What happens to my songs when I upload them?

They remain in our back catalog until our staff has a chance to listen, approve, and tag the song with multiple mood and genre tags. This process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks before a song is published live to the catlog.