Soundstripe Partner Terms

  • You retain all of your copyrights, including all of your publishing and BMI/ASCAP/ SoundExchange revenues
  • Soundstripe would have a license (permission) to issue usage licenses to 3rd parties for the tracks you choose to send us.
  • Our agreement together is non-exclusive except with respect to direct, "click to license" competitors... i.e., other web-based music licensing catalogs like Pump Audio, Marmoset, The Music Bed, Song Freedom, Pond5, Shutter Stock, etc. This exclusivity ONLY applies to the tracks you give us. Song A can be in our catalog and Song B can be on Pond 5. This keeps our catalog unique.
  • The term would be for 1 year with automatic 1 year renewal periods unless either party provides the other with notice to terminate at least 30 days before the end of the term.
  • All revenue derived from is divided 50/50 between our partners and Soundstripe and is allocated to each partner based on user downloads.
  • You'll receive monthly payments (initiated on the 15th of each month) through your e-mail via Dwolla, a fee free payment processor. 
  • For brand quality control reasons, Soundstripe has the right to choose which of your tracks will appear on our user facing catalog.
  • By uploading a track to us, you are also acknowledging that you have the legal right to do so. That you either own the copyrights or have permission from the copyright owners.